Personal Injury

Personal Injury accidents are extremely common; millions of people have their lives affected by accidental injuries that happen because another person or a company was negligent. Attorney Kent W. Underwood has represented many Washington clients in their quest to find justice after such accidental injuries caused harm to them or death of a loved one.

Attorney Kent W. Underwood

Upholding personal rights and a belief in fairness under the justice system are at the heart of work performed by Tacoma, WA, Attorney Kent W. Underwood. He has been actively helping clients statewide by providing legal representation for criminal defense, personal injury and civil litigation since 1997. He has helped hundreds of Washington clients win complex accident cases, including those with multiple responsible parties.

Mr. Underwood is a caring lawyer who will fight aggressively to get you the best outcome possible from your case. You case will be thoroughly examined, including the use of expert witnesses to recreate accident scenarios and calculate future losses.

Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury laws offer relief to an injured party in the form of fair compensation if claims are pursued. In some cases, a jury will also award additional punitive damages to victims. If you are injured, it is important to get experienced legal representation right away, to protect all your rights. The same holds true if you are accused of negligent behavior that resulted in an injury accident, because you could be in jeopardy of being convicted of criminal charges.

These accidents happen when someone does not follow normal standards of care in performing their duties. Traffic accidents, medical errors, construction site accidents, slip and fall accidents and other accidents cause all kinds of bodily harm to victims, from simple bruises to loss of life.

The scope of cases included under Personal Injury law includes accidents that happen in many areas of life, such as:

  • Vehicle Accidents – Drivers who are guilty of distracted driving, driving while fatigued, violating traffic laws, making improper turns, and other negligent behaviors cause injury accidents.
  • Workplace Accidents – Violations of safety rules, faulty equipment use, lack of hazard warnings, failure to keep floors and walkways cleared and other incidents at work affect workers as well as visitors.
  • Medical Malpractice – substandard care, nursing home abuse, pharmaceutical errors, surgical mistakes, failure to diagnose and other problems affect lives and families.
  • Product Defects & Failures – faulty power tools, equipment and parts failures and other defects cause injury and loss of life to many users.

Pursue justice in your accident case with legal representation from an experienced Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer who will give you the personal attention you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Kent W. Underwood, P.S., Tacoma, WA, to discuss your case. Call Kent now, at (253) 627-2600.